Apply for the American Green Card with USACITO!

We provide assistance to individuals worldwide to prepare and successfully submit their application in the US Green Card Program. Our team of experts will use their wealth of experience to guarantee 100% registration in the US immigration program electronic system, participation and ensure that your immigration process is clear, simple and hassle-free. Here at USACITO we specializes in all aspects related to U.S. immigration including: Business Immigration, Employment-Based Immigration, Temporary non-immigrant Visas, Immigrant Visas, and Family-Based Immigration.

Our services:

  • Professional evaluation and revision of all applications before they are submitted in the official US Green Card Program.
  • Ensure that your application will not get disqualified as an outcome of any mistakes, errors or incorrect information.
  • We provide custom-made review and support that includes verifying eligibility for the US green card program, picture custom, information evaluation, tracking winning results and notification.
  • Constant monitoring of your application status in the US Green Card Program.
  • Online access to your application status and unlimited personal communication with a dedicated customer service agent.
  • Comprehensive consultation support towards next stages once you are selected as a USA green card winner and expert advice on how to portray yourself at the Consular Process and move to America.
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The benefits of a Green Card holder


People who win the Green Card Lottery Program will get the opportunity to experience a variety of benefits once they enter United States. These benefits can be divided into several categories such as working, living, housing, education, security etc...

Why the United States is a desirable destination


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USACITO guarantees:

  • Personalized review of your information and photos for the US immigration program you are applying at any time
  • Preparation and submission of an error-free application in the US Green Card program official website, while adhering to all the strict requirements of the USA immigration program.
  • Personal counseling and guidelines at every stage of the process.
  • Customer service in various languages, not only in English.
  • Notification by email, phone and post in case of selection in the American green card process.

Getting a US Green Card with usacito

The first stage is to fill in all the required details in the USA Green Card Program registration form on our website. For your convenience, we have created a very simple and unique application form to make the experience of applying for the US Green Card as friendly and comprehensible as possible. After completing the application, our experts will review all the data provided to make sure it stands in one line with the Green Card Program regulations. After our evaluation, we will contact you for further guidelines.

We are committed to helping our candidates receive the finest service that will expectantly change their lives and enable them to get an American immigration visa and to move to the United States of America. Our main task is to ensure that your application is successfully submitted to the USCIS Green Card official website. Since our founding, our primary goal has been to assist individuals worldwide who desire to live and work in the U.S.. We provide a complete and inclusive U.S. visa processing service, which includes long term preparation and planning, tailored to our clients complex and demanding immigration goals.

What our customers say about us?

Jake Koh, Jurong Singapore

“Working with USACITO is a pleasure; I needed help in applying for the American Green Card Lottery Program. USACITO was different; listening to my requests, answering all ...



Lisa Wanjiru, Nairobi Kenya

“USACITO Organization is undoubtedly recommended when it comes to applying for the Green Card Lottery Program. I stumbled on them on Google after I tried several...


Frederic Bauer, Nurnberg Germany

“Me and my wife would like to thank USACITO and their excellent staff for taking care of everything from preparation to submission of our applications ...



  • Submit your application online in a rapid, simple and secure way
  • Professional immigration specialists reviewing your information
  • Avoiding expensive errors and delays
  • Always on alert for your application progress 
  • Process your application personally and individually
  • Handle the necessary formalities ranging from application submission to the receipt of the Green Card
  • Submit your application in the right time slot
  • Notify you about the entry of your application to assure you that you participate
  • Directly notify you if you have won
  • Update you about all follow-up programs automatically and regularly

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Guaranteed submissiom in the available US immigration program
Year-round customer service online help and support
Online access to your application status
Multiple years of registration
Personalized review and amendment of your information and photos avoiding delays and disqualifications
Directly notify you if you have won.