• Submit your application in the right time slot
  • Notify you about the entry of your application to assure you that you participate
  • Directly notify you if you have won
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When is the Green Card Lottery opening?

The official Green Card Lottery is held annually from October 3 to September 30 the year after (for example: the 2016th fiscal year was launched in October 2015 and completed in September 2016). All applications submitted in autumn 2015 were announced in the spring of 2016. Interviews with the winners took place in the 2017 fiscal year.

When is the next Green Card Lottery?

When is the draw taking place this year and how does this process look like? The next Green Card lottery will take place between the months of October to November 2017. The winning notifications for DV-2019, will be published between the months of May to July 2018. Winners of this green card lottery that will complete all the legal procedures successfully will be able to enter the US as permanent residents in early 2019. Therefore, this year’s lottery is also known as “DV- 2019”.
The next Green Card Lottery registration period will open in October 2017, and applications for DV-2019 will be accepted only between October to November of this year.

After winning the Green Card lottery.

How the Green Card Lottery process works?

DV Lottery Results are announced annually by the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) between the months of May to July. Every year, once the electronic entry submission is over, the official website will stop accepting entries for that particular fiscal year and the computers will start to randomly select winners from the valid entries region wise. Assuming that you apply for participation in the Green Card Lottery of DV 2019 or the next draw, the first results will be announced in early May of 2018.
The immigration lottery data will be available until September 30, 2018, no Green Cards can be issued to diversity visa lottery winners after the end of the fiscal year for which they won the lottery. You will need to get your approval by no later than September 30th of the relevant year.

After winning the Green Card lottery

Being randomly selected as a winner does not guarantee that you will receive the Green Card. Selection simply means that you are eligible to participate in the Green Card Lottery Program, and in case your rank number turns out to be eligible for the final processing then you have a potential to be issued a Green Card. In order to receive the Green Card, you must still meet all eligibility requirements and attend a visa interview at a U.S. Embassy or Consular office. Make sure to take in consideration not only the dates of the Green Card Lottery but also the legal procedure dates.
USACITO experts will lead you through all the necessary stages and guarantee your participation in the next Green Card Lottery. We assure that your application will be submitted in the correct format and in the right time slot.

When is the Green Card lottery opening?

What is the timeline for the Green Card Lottery?

Practice shows that most registrations take place between the months of September to October every year. Since you already know when the next Green Card Lottery will be held, don’t postpone your registration. Apply right away to be on the safe side!
We highly recommend contacting us in advance so that your application form will be completed before the hectic period. Furthermore, keep in mind that during the registration timeslot there is a burden on the operation servers of the State Department official website which may cause applicants to miss out the registration period.
It is essential to comprehend that being selected to participate in the DV lottery does not guarantee the Green Card. As mentioned above, there are only 55,000 visas available meaning that there are more winners than visas available. In addition, you are required to receive your immigrant visa or approval for adjustment of status to lawful permanent resident earlier then September 30th.
As a result, it is crucial to have someone notify you once you are eligible to proceed with applying for your Green Card (permanent residence). In case you file to soon, your application will be disqualified and in case you file too late, you may well lose your opportunity to receive the Green Card.
Contact us to clarify the date of the next Green Card Lottery or for further questions related to the green card lottery process.
Do you want to get more data about the Green Card Lottery official site timeline and deadlines? About obtaining a diversity visa after winning in the draw? Do you need to check the results of the Green Card Lottery 2017-2018? Call us today!